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A copper-colored cat rolling on the lawn

Full-Service Care to Meet The Individual Needs of Your Pet

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At Kroner Animal Care and The Plains Veterinary Hospital, we know that veterinary care is vital for the health and wellbeing of your pets.

Regular wellness checks, vaccinations, and monitoring of health problems are key components of preventive pet care. Early detection and prompt treatment of potential health issues can help increase their life expectancy and improve their quality of life. Crucial diagnostics, such as blood tests, imaging, and X-rays that can help to identify underlying health conditions and illnesses.

Other medical services, like pain management, dental services, and same-day urgent care, can also help your pets feel their best. Whether you’re looking for a cozy place to board your pet when you’re out of town or you need trusted experts to handle your pet’s surgical care, we are your go-to veterinary team. Our full-service practices can foster the long-term health of your pet, because we provide the full-service support pet owners need.


Care That Helps Your Pet Stay Healthy, Happy, and Live A Longer Life

Whatever stage of life your pets are in, consistent and quality veterinary care is essential for their health and well-being. Our veterinarians provide care and expertise to help diagnose, treat, and prevent a wide range of medical conditions and diseases. Preventive care helps to ensure that your beloved pets stay healthy, happy, and live longer lives.

We’re also here when pets need us most. Our veterinarians and staff can help manage your pet’s chronic pain, create a comprehensive plan for any surgical procedure your pet may need, and provide urgent care services to ill or injured pets. We’re committed to standing by you and your furry family members. If you have questions about our services or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, call us today.